Self-questioning for Self-leadership


Improving your self-leadership is like the training you do to stay healthy and to stretch your muscles; every opportunity to practice self-reflection and inner questioning will guide you to a better knowledge of yourself.

After a tough day, loaded with frustration and stress, when you see coming the fatigue and the loneliness feeling, take a brief moment to pause, and to review “what just happened”.

Here are 7 questions to ask to yourself:

– What did I do well?

– What could I have done better?

– Why were these tasks so challenging?

– How have I gotten closer to my life goals?

– What are two things I really enjoyed about the experience?

– What was my biggest waste of time?

– What made me feel fulfilled?

Not every question has an answer…

But the simple fact of letting go and reflecting actively, instead of accepting the bad mood, will put you back on track for change and positive action plans.

Inspired by Peter Economy (Inc. com)



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