“A la faveur d’échanges sur nos parcours professionnels, j’ai apprécié la grande qualité d’écoute de Sophie, sa capacité à aller vers l’autre y compris (et surtout !) dans un environnement multiculturel.

Sophie m’a aussi impressionnée par sa connaissance de sujets très éclectiques, c’est une curieuse dans le meilleur sens du terme, qui allie ses facultés d’apprentissage à une mise en pratique quasi immédiate.

Enfin, avec l’humain au cœur de ses préoccupations, Sophie se révèle une manager attentive, énergique, et qui entraîne ses équipes vers le haut.”

                                       Aline – Lyon, France

“Sophie a eu à mon égard une écoute bienveillante et constructive pendant et après mon coaching. Elle m’a beaucoup aidée pour définir et mettre en oeuvre mon projet de vie en me guidant dans mes réflexions sans me juger ni influencer mes choix.

Aujourd’hui, je suis à mi-chemin vers mon objectif mais le cap le plus difficile a été passé grace à son soutien. Merci Sophie, j’espère que nos chemins se recroiseront sur les routes asiatiques ou en France.”

                                    Aurore – Paris, France

“I strongly recommend you meet Sophie. For a lot of reasons actually… Take for instance her capacity to challenge the maths! She fell into coaching at 120% … Like she fell into retail operation at 120%!

120+120 = That makes a lady who lives her life at least at 240%!!! Because she does CARE! For her clients, her coachees, her teams, her bosses, her suppliers, her family, her friends…”

                                  Olivier – Shanghai, China

“Sophie is a coach that is focused, attentive and determined to help you get what you want from life. She asks great questions and makes you think about the possibilities life has to offer.

She helped me unlock my own creativity so I could find realistic solutions. With her help, I was able to come up with a tangible plan to move myself forward in my business.

If you’re looking for someone who will ensure you create action and forward movement, look no further. Sophie will help you carve out a powerful future.”

                                        Simone – Calgary, Canada

“Sophie is a great coach and she helped me beyond my expectations! I was blocked and somehow lost, in the middle of a career transition that I had not really chosen.

Sophie helped me to create my own plans and to define new career goals, instead of staying passive and negative. With her I learned how to ask myself the key questions to build a new vision, from my skills and from my experiences.

She is a fantastic listener and the various tools she used were very effective, especially to get more clarity about my values and my personal strengths and weaknesses.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to make a professional change, and who needs assistance to clarify goals and make decisions about transition career process.”

                                          Marc – Shanghai, China

“With Sophie I got the chance to assess my intercultural competences, by using the Intercultural Readiness Check test.

Sophie provided me with clear and helpful feedbacks, about the way I communicate and build relationships with my colleagues from different backgrounds, and how I deal with uncertainty as an European expatriate in Asia.

Our work together was very useful and practical and it will help me for sure during my assignment abroad.”

                                          Anne – Singapore

“Sophie m’a aidée à déterminer mon projet professionnel afin de choisir les études qui me correspondraient le mieux surtout dans le choix d’un master.

A une période où j’hésitais quel chemin prendre, elle a su me faire formuler mes idées et mes envies sans jamais influencer mes choix, me laissant libre arbitre, mais plutôt en m’aidant à guider mes propres désirs.

Je suis très satisfaite de l’aide que Sophie a pu m’apporter tout au long de mon parcours.”

Claire – Shanghai, China

“I was really disoriented by a professional relationship and I asked Sophie to help me. Her feedback was just incredibly quick and helpful: she replaced that relationship in its whole context and showed me that it was just the visible part of the iceberg. The invisible but important part of it was the CEO mismanagement. In one session this point was clear and I could address the right dysfonctionnement.

We then explored many different subjects. Sophie is focused, attentive and she is really a good listener. She always asked me to go deeper and helped me to discover who I am really, what are my strengths, what I want to do.

She made me drawing my dreams. She pushed me to find a way to realise my ambition. She has many tools and uses them at the right time.

I also appreciated the warm dialogue. Sophie has a positive energy and really cares for people.”

Marguerite – Paris, France