Why Coaching?

Vancouver, Concrete thinking in Granville Island

As a corporate manager for more than 20 years,

including 15 years as an expatriate in Asia, I know a little about global organizations and the type of oxygen that managers breath there… Change, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity; difficult communication with cross-cultural and remote teams, and intergenerational misunderstandings; overloaded mailboxes, never-ending meetings, silo mentality, and information bulimia…

In this 21st century, we are ultra-connected,

but we have less and less Human Moments. People often lose their focus; therefore they lose their energy as well. People sometimes get stuck, or lose control. And soon work-life balance becomes unhealthy, on a scale from boredom to burnout.

How can Coaching help?


      Coaching for Identity 1  

      Coaching for Energy3

      Coaching for Clarity2


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