Coaching at a glance



Will you TELL me how to do things?

Not often! As a Professional Coach I will rather ASK you questions! Many good questions, and even more and better ones… and I will LISTEN to your answers, mindfully and respectfully.

Will I need to tell you everything about my PAST and share with you all my life history?

Not necessarily! A Professional Coach believes that FUTURE is more interesting! And because ENERGY follows attention, it’s really worth putting your FOCUS on your VISION and on your ideal future self.

Will you help me fix my weaknesses (and my life)?!

Well… As a Professional Coach, I don’t think you are “broken”… And I don’t work on weaknesses. I’d rather like to hear about your various STRENGTHS: what makes you shine already, and what will make you GROW even more in the near future… Yes, it’s POSITIVE Psychology, and yes, it works!

To learn more…

Watch this cool video about How coaching really works? 

Read also here more about my Life and Leadership Coaching work...

And connect with me!

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