What is my work?

pluto flyby
2015 – Pluto flyby

In July 2015,

I became certified as Professional Coach.

I learned the immense power of asking good questions, and the beauty of the process of walking towards our vision and ideal self.

Since then as a Life and Leadership Professional Coach,

  • I help people develop their emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-leadership and intercultural readiness; and walk through life changes and career transitions, for example to succeed in their expatriation, professionally and personally.

  • Also with Upwemove Academy team, I provide learning solutions and coaching services to support in:

– Stress management

– Change management

– Emotional intelligence

– Work-life balance

– Career transition

– Intercultural readiness

– Talent development

– Expatriates relocation

Our motto is: everybody can transform a crisis into an opportunity.

Can we help you?

Do you need a coach?

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