Put your heart of ice in fire



Pluto is no longer a planet, alas. Too distant from the sun, too cold, too lonely.

However Pluto still offers dramatic features to explore, such as this giant heart made of ice, that got discovered during the summer of 2015, thanks to the NASA New Horizons discoveries

Back in 2015, in my own galaxy, I was starting my coaching odyssey and uncovering the potential of active listening, open questions and creative visioning.

More than 3 years later, looking back to my journey as a professional coach, having worked with many different clients, I am still amazed by the power of coaching process. Every single step of the path we walk together lead to touching again their fire deep inside.

Pluto and its heart may be cold and icy, but certainly not dead. Exactly like the person who starts with courage and vulnerability, a self-awareness process with a coach. 

Put your heart of ice in fire! Contact me today!



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