On a personal note…


When I was 18, I rejected the idea of joining a business school: somehow in my view it was a world of emptiness, and the words “business”, “management” or “leadership” had no real meaning to me. Besides I was tempted by psychology studies, but in my opinion it was too serious matter, too much responsibility. Therefore I did not dare to jump for real in none of the hard or soft skills’ kingdoms, and instead I stay in my philosophy-comfort zone for a while.

Since then I spent nearly twenty wonderful years in the corporate world… and now I know that things, opinions and people change… 🙂

Today I see the VUCA world we are building to our children; the millennials’ willingness to give a sense of purpose to their (work) life; the current vogue for social entrepreneurship and the global quest for meaning, coming to challenge the globalisation old schemes… This is now reshaping every business ecosystems, for the good of the cause!

When some years ago I got introduced to coaching, it took me some time to adjust and to let it go with the flow. Then I started to answer to more and more “good” questions that unfolded new perspectives, first of all within myself. Finally I figured out the meaningful connections between business and psychology. I discovered another kind of skills and purpose, and the energy and balance that can go together with resonant leadership. 

Also I heard some feedbacks such as “people trust you” and I realised some shades of my personality I had never really touched before. I started to face up to myself, and I understood the benefits of not staying too much behind the scene and of being authentic  as regards to energy management and focus at work, for instance.

Conversations with “good” questions: I’ve joined a lot of them since then, and today I acknowledge how much it changed my ways of thinking, of feeling and of working.

With a growth and positive mindset, and equipped with powerful coaching tools, I learned the opportunity to create with others much more moments of this kind: moments when one feels seen, listened and heard; moments when one starts to grow and to go with the flow.

I enjoyed a lot my journey to self-awareness and self-leadership; today I enjoy even more the responsibility and the chance I have as a professional coach, to support others in the same kind of self-discovery fantastic voyage.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” David Bowie



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