7 key questions to survive the crisis



There will be an end to this crisis! Eventually.

Do not wait, just use this forced pause to reflect and ask yourself these 7 questions, for more clarity and fresh energy!

  • What went WELL?

Self-awareness is always easier when it starts with the positive. Look at your bright side first!

While we are all stuck in the middle of such scary time, let’s try to focus on the positive that is still emerging.

  • Even BETTER if…?

The crisis is not over, however since it started, for sure you have adapted your response to it.

Remember these moments from the beginning, when you were not so happy with yourself. Analyse the things you did wrong, the small mistakes and the big fights…

Can you spot more room for improvement?

  • WHY was it so challenging? 

Acknowledge an unsatisfactory action and ask yourself: what are the real roots of it?

Only once we touch the why can we begin to move forward.

  • Am I getting CLOSER to my goals?

Every action you undertake still matters to get closer to your goals and to your vision. A regular check of what really matters helps to stay focused and to get clear results.

While going thru a crisis, do not forget the goals you set to yourself. Every little step you manage to do in the good direction counts.

  • Did I have FUN?

Reconnect to your emotions. What did you really enjoy recently? Reflect in a way that you actually feel your experiences again.

The way you felt might reveal more about yourself than the action itself.

  • Did I WASTE my time?

It’s a crazy world. We know that. Too many words, too much digital noise, few human moments and no-more-time (or too much time, right now!).

You don’t need to waste your time anymore with boring activities nor energy-draining things, such as to-do-lists and emails (just sayin’).

Simply deciding what you do or do not like can set you up for future peace and efficiency.

  • What makes me feel FULFILLED?

The last but not least question is about your future self. Quite a big deal. 🙂 Keep the connection to your long-term fulfilment goals. Only you can tell.

Summer will come, there will be sun after the rain; together with fresh energy, creative action plans and colourful roads.

Let’s transform the crisis into the perfect timing to look for new ways in which to fulfil yourself!

Stay safe!

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